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Welcome to the website of TK Kenyon, author.


You must be really busy ?we all are ?and I appreciate that you took a few minutes to drop by.?Iíve been working on a lot?of writing lately, some of which will be published in literary journals or by traditional publishers, and some of which will be direct-to-readers on Kindle via Amazon or on other E-readers via Smashwords.


These direct-to-reader books are a lot cheaper than traditionally published books. Itís so expensive to buy books these days. Even most Kindle prices are $12.99, $15.99 and up.


Thatís ridiculous!


Iím not going to let my readers get ripped off anymore.?


Iím revamping this website as I publish more works for e-readers. Stop on by anytime, and feel free to drop me an email using the little cloud on the left over there, or follow me on Twitter, also on the left-side tool bar at the top. Iíd love to hear from you.


Thanks for stopping by,




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